History of the sport of diving
The sport of diving that combines acrobatic movements in the air and jumping from a height. This sport was first discovered in Europe and began to become a competitive sport in England in 1905.
In 1904, diving was first contested at the St. Petersburg Olympics. Louis.
Currently, diving is a popular Olympic sport. This sport requires high skill, strength and agility.
Development of Beautiful Diving in Indonesia
Diving began to develop in Indonesia at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1920, the first swimming pool was built in Indonesia, namely the Gelora Senayan Swimming Pool. This swimming pool is a training ground for Indonesian diving athletes.
In 1951, Indonesia took part in its first diving championship, namely the Southeast Asian Diving Championship in Manila, Philippines.
|Indonesia began to achieve international achievements in 1958, namely when Mrs. Soewarni won a silver medal at the Southeast Asian Diving Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2016, Indonesia won its first gold medal at the Olympics, when I Gede Siman Sudartawa won gold in the men’s 10 meter board event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
Currently, diving is a sport that is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Indonesia has several diving athletes who have excelled at international level, such as I Gede Siman Sudartawa, Pandelela Rinong, and Rizki Aulia.
Board numbers are done from a diving board that is 1 meter high. This number has two categories, namely the men’s and women’s categories.
The tower number is done from the diving tower which is 10 meters high. This number also has two categories, namely the men’s and women’s categories

Beautiful Diving Athlete
Diving is a challenging sport and requires high skills. This sport is also a popular and interesting sport to watch
Diving athletes are people who are skilled at performing acrobatic movements in the air and jumping from heights. Diving athletes must have high strength, agility and coordination. They must also have the skills to perform a variety of acrobatic movements safely and accurately
Diving athletes must have a strong and flexible body. They must also have the skills to perform various acrobatic movements, such as somersaults, spins and jumps. Apart from that, diving athletes must also have the skills to jump accurately and safely
Diving athletes usually take part in various competitions to improve their skills and experience. The most prestigious diving championship is the Olympics
Here are some of the most famous diving athletes in the world: Tom daley , Shi tangmao , Pamela Ware , Della harimurti , Qin kai , He zi , Wu minxia , Rizki aulia , I gede siman sudarwata

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