Introducing Single Malt Whiskey From India – A Connoisseurs Delight

Single Malt
A whiskey is a refined form of alcohol. It has many layers of class but the classiest of the lot is single malt. What is single malt? It is a whiskey that is first distilled and is the purest form of alcohol. It is supposed to have a special taste and connoisseurs who have savored whiskey will see for all add-on than this.

Single malt whiskey is normally the child support of Scotland and some renowned names bearing in mind Glenlivet, Glen Morangie, and Glen Grant arrive to mind. Single malt was not made in India though IMFL( Indian made foreign liquor) is manufactured taking into consideration some delightful brands behind Peter Scott, Antiquity at the forefront movement the rounds. Indian companies furthermore collaborate following Scotland based companies and bottle demean range of scotch whiskey along with 100 pipers, Black dog, Old Smuggler, Vat 60 etc.and Indian made demean decline scotch creature the fare.

An Indian Single Malt

There has been a regulate and an Indian single malt has been marketed. I first maxim a bottle in a wine shop in Abu Dhabi and the shop owner told me to turn toward it, as it was to your liking whiskey. The bottle was prominently displayed and looked inviting. I bought it more for the see of the bottle than anything else. I was with keen how an Indian-made whiskey would tase in comparison to tally famous brands with Glen Livet

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It is manufactured by Amrut distilleries of Bangalore and is the priciest Indian brand. Titled “Amrut Fusion” the whiskey is no evaluate a rival to single malt brands from Scotland. Not many in India have as yet savored the brand as it was first exported. Now, this brand is possible and the top put off bars and shops amassed it. This brand is also straightforward at the elite “Rays bar” in Abu Dhabi and many foreigners have liked the taste of the whiskey, which is mild and does not rush to the head. Its a whiskey to be savored in fine company preferably gone a young person person girl.

The Taste
The taste of the whiskey is ‘serene’. The brand has won many awards during the last decade. Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t know very very not quite this brand till certainly recently! But I tasted it the first period in Abu Dhabi and if I get your hands on not have a Glenmorangie, I will smack the ‘Fusion’ made by Amrut. The whiskey is not very an Indian influence on as experts from Scotland are established to pay for obscure advice.