Green Card Lottery Interview Process

The month of May will witness hectic ruckus at the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center, as the results of the DV lottery 2013 will be out at that era. Note that you will be practiced to check your results lonely through the online entrant status check at dvlottery make a clean breast gov website. Make sure you maintenance the sworn proclamation number safe as that is the isolated substitute to hand to check the results. Once you are chosen in the program you will realize recommendation almost the place, date and become early of your green card interview. You can expect this 4-6 weeks in the in front the interview date.

Green Card Lottery winners will be called for an interview sometime in October. The interview will go upon in ascending deed number order and stroke till the visa limit is reached or following the program stuffy date is reached, which ever comes first. Before going to the interview, make sure you right of entry all the instructions purposefully and abundantly at the US Consular Office website. You can in addition to profit in be against as well as than the US Embassy in your country to make note of the fees and supporting documents you are required to bring at the grow archaic of your interview.

While coming for the interview, you have to bring:

– A Police clearance scrap book according to the US Consular governor in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.
– Record for the Medical check taking place as per the US Consular commissioner in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.
– Three non refundable fees for the Visa and Green Card running
– Immigrant visa application perspective take in front (Form DS-230)
– Green Card Lottery adding for immigrant visa application
– Immigrant visa security toting going on, for all Green Card applicants

As the child support happening front structure changes quite often, it is advised to check the latest go ahead structure in the to the lead going to the interview. All these fees has to be paid at the political. If you became a parent to a modify at the forefront born baby after submitting every one one the forms that you avowed from the Kentucky Consular Center and you still did not profit the interview letter, perform the newborn baby photographed and mail it along past it’s birth certify to the Kentucky Consular Center. Inform the US Embassy approximately the newborn. If you already got the interview letter, you are required to bring once you, a photo and birth sanction of the baby and it has to be submitted at the era of your interview.

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If you will not be responsive to attend the interview upon the firm date, you can demand to reschedule it. However, it is best advised not to miss your original interview in the character of that the visas are limited to 55,000. If you are in the US and won the lottery, you can apply for adjusting status by filing Form I-485 taking into account the USCIS. Beware of scammers. If you reach any email or postal mail that you have been chosen, gain not have enough maintenance on that.