How Can I Make Money From An Online Course

There are many ways to earn an allowance behind online courses.

You can set them occurring in description to your own website, as a paid email course, or concerning a special website that promotes courses bearing in mind Udemy. You can earn maintenance from a course directly, or you can make maintenance harshly the assist cease (or both).

Paid Course

You can earn child support directly as soon as a paid course. There are course websites later than Udemy, Fedora, and many others. Look for “sell your course online” and you’ll locate a lot of them to put going on to you. You can plus set occurring your course vis–vis your own website using a association website feature subsequent to AWeber, InstaMember, or even just a PayPal button bearing in mind a password only website.

Free Course

You can yet earn child support gone a forgive course. By giving your audience a sudden clear course via email, or in a connection regarding your website, you can use the course to construct your email list. You can after that serve auxiliary things to them via the course and the email list. For example, almost each email that you send just about the course, you can insert a connect to your paid courses.


Remember that for any page upon your site (such as the page where you send people to merge the once-door-door pardon module of your course), you can put recommended products that reach agreement things that your audience will compulsion if they are to become animate at anything you are promoting through your course.

All Three

You can earn maintenance through all three methods if you sadness to. It doesn’t matter if a paid course is delivered or not; you can still buildup substitute products to the delivery page, or via an email newsletter that the students sign happening to attain.

Complementary Items

For example, if you are selling a course very just about how to write and sell a wedding album upon Kindle, you can assist facilities joined to the venture, such as contractors who will reach the charity for them. You can after that express software that helps them, or peripheral products that they may be avid in.Do you know about Nebosh course in chennai?

Future Courses

A series of courses are an excellent mannerism to earn more child support through online courses. This works definitely skillfully if the first course is deliver judgment not guilty, moreover to learn more they have to pay for the upgraded difficult course.

You can always make money when courses. You just have to think roughly what your audience needs outside of the course, and you can have enough child support those things to them as dexterously. You can make money from the course directly, and moreover make money indirectly by promoting other products, services and more courses.


Nebosh course in chennai

Nebosh Course in Chennai :

New Nebosh IGC first called IG1 the as same as IGC1 in the past syllabus so this is a management oriented theoretical paper and the second unit is IG2. IG2 is a practical assessment.

Now IG2 is no change same thing practical assessment you have to prepare a risk assessment and you have to submit it.

For IG1 there is an examination pattern that means you have to go to any British council approved center, and you have to appear two house examination.

so the new examination pattern they remove this examination center. you dont want to go any center you can sit in your home and you can complete the examination.

This is what the change made by the Nebosh so the syllabus is same. There is no change in the syllabus IG1.

nebosh a well recognised exam conducting board from u.k in response to the current pandemic situation have taken swift action by announcing new format International General Certificate open book exam The open book exam means learners can sit and write the exam from home or any comfortable location and they can refer any sources of information but should not copy and paste. The learners should apply their sense of understanding and application to associate the answers with the given scenario. The nebosh has provided a time duration of twenty four hours for the students to complete the task which carries 100 marks. This 24 hours time is give in taking consideration of learners health, sleep and other associated issues like power failure and internet connectivity issues. This new format has the same syllabus. The new format exam conducting method is in contrast to the previous method. In previous method the students have to write an invigilated paper based exam under the supervision of the invigilators appointed by nebosh, The exam duration was 2hours and  30 minutes and students should not refer to any information sources during the exam.

During exam students must make sure not to involve in any type of malpractices including but not limited to plagiarism, collusion and impersonation. Many students may feel that the open book exam is easy and can pass without any efforts. But this is not true. The nebosh as it is always known for its strict standards ensures to maintain the same standard in the open book exam. NEBOSH expects students to give a detailed answer and they are interested to check your understanding of the scenario and application of knowledge to give a reasonable answer.

After the exam there will be a closing interview which will be conducted by the course provider. This interview will go on through video application. The purpose of the interview is to establish the learner identity by checking their id proof and to get some justification and clarification with regards to their answers given in the exam. The students have to show their id proof and should prove that they are not assisted in this process by their family members or friends.

This closing interview is not an assessment and it does not carry any additional marks. But attending the closing interview is mandatory and the students result may not be declared if the student refuses to attend the interview , purposefully.