Who are we??

There’s a group of people,

They are always happy to live every day, no matter the hardship;

They are willing to share their ideas with others, right or wrong;

They love life, but also enjoy the life of the unknown and surprise, regardless of the ups and downs;

They are the mainstream of society and guide life.

This is the crowd that Minmaxclix hopes to gather.

What’s in here?

Become a market decision maker
As members of the Minmaxclix, will become the representative of the vast consumers, by filling in the online questionnaire, for many products, services, your ideas and opinions, these opinions will communicate through love survey to related enterprises, encouraging them to provide better products or services, to help enterprises improve efficiency, but also help consumers in the future can enjoy high quality, suitable for your product or service.

Harvest happy and


As a member of Minmaxclix, I will record the happy things of every day, and also be able to view and share the happy things of other members.In addition, there is always a surprise, even if it is just a joke.

Get product information

Get product information

For more info minmaxclix.
Pinkysurvey provides a wealth of online questionnaires. In the process of filling in, you will also learn more about relevant industries, products and dynamic information, which will improve your knowledge and ability to a certain extent.Maybe this unexpected harvest can bring you a surprise in your future work and life.
Make maoney online

Every online survey you participate in will be rewarded handsomely.