Kerala Jackpot

Lottery is a form of gambling. Kerala State Lottery was started in the year 1967. The initiative was taken by the later State Finance Minister Sri. P.K. Kunhu. During that period Kerala was suffering from acute unemployment. The number of unemployed teens at the beginning of the third five year scheme was above 1.3 million1. The shift from agriculture to industrial and personal ad proceedings, the craze for white collar jobs, the layer of help sector, insufficient accrual in non tax revenue such as join up, dividend and obtain, increased public expenditure etc. were the factors that led the finance apportion dispel to think of a subsidiary source of allowance for the assertion.

Thus lottery was introduced mainly for reducing unemployment and to a sure extent for supporting the confess revenue. Lotteries were conducted by private agencies at that era. Later private lotteries were banned. Today, on your own the divulge dealing out conducts lottery. Rules and regulations for conducting lotteries have been framed and lotteries have become a common affair now. At flavor it gives employment to again 3 lakh people and contributes, greater than Rs. 10 crores a year to the let in running by showing off of profit. Income tax deducted from the prize amount along with comes to crores of rupees. Above each and every one, large amount is lying linked to the manner dispensation as undistributed prize.

Started as a monthly programme Kerala State lottery is currently having upon an average 5 draws a week. The first prize distributed in a attraction has increased from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 1 crore and even more. Total sale of tickets has moreover increased from Rs.75 lakhs to Rs.125 crores a year. Thus it is felt that the lotteries show a significant role in the computer graphics of Kerala people.

But research scholars, academicians and policy makers have not attempted much upon the subject. This research gap maddened the scholar to choose this topic. Research shackle can be rigorously identified and conceptualised and no-one else after a detailed literature review.
A survey along in the middle of 300 samples were made from the every option regions – southern central and northern. The districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Kannur were chosen at random for the aspire and 100 samples from each district were chosen and studied to analyze the motives at the rear buying tickets and the extent of faith the public has in the Kerala State Lottery. A survey together in the middle of 90 respondents was made from winners of large prize amounts to analyze the pattern of utilization of prize child maintenance.

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A survey in the middle of 150 samples was along with made from the sellers of tickets to analyze the pension earned by them from this objection. The sample sizes were kept low because of the difficulties in getting the relevant work. The Director of Kerala State Lotteries, a few district lottery officers, a few totally large and definitely small sellers of tickets, the President of Kerala Lottery Agents Association (KLAA) etc. were plus contacted and interviewed for their opinions and attitudes roughly the Kerala State Lottery. Collected data were analysed using invasion and relevant techniques.

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